• Product Name: White Mid-Size Glass Candle
  • Size: 8,8×7,4 or according to customers’ requirement
  • Glass Color: White/ Black/ Silver / Gold
  • Material: Soy Wax and other types are available
  • Candle Color: Multi-color
  • Wick: Cotton / Wood
  • Flavor: Scented/ Unscented
  • Sticker: Transparent, printed, designed and other types are available
  • Customization: Available
  • Usage: Home lighting, decoration, office, events, party, organizations, spa, hotels, gift
  • Place of Origin: Turkey
  • MOQ: 500

*The candles specifications are based on collection. We can customize each feature depend on your branding and requests.

Wholesale White Mid-Size Glass Candle Collection

Elegance Comes With Its Spirit
With this collection, we bring elegance and special design taste candles for you to create an ambiance beyond the basic needs and give the atmosphere its spirit and feelings.

Favourite Designs
Traditional Blue Symbols Collection, Printed Design, Customized Gift Box (GC-MD-W-24-GB)

Traditional Blue Symbols Collection

I Know a Super hero, Collection, Printed Design, Cotton Pouch Bag (GC-MD-W-19-CP)

Super Hero Dad Collection

Dad, My King Collection, Printed Design (GC-MD-W-17)

Dad, My King Collection

Cotton Flower Collection, Printed Design Sticker, Cotton Pouch Bag (GC-MD-W-7-CP)

Cotton Flower Collection

New Year Pine Tree Collection, Printed Design, Cotton Pouch Bag (GC-MD-W-15-CP)

New Year Pine Tree Collection

Tulip Garden Collection, Customized Sticker (GC-MD-W-4)

Tulip Garden Collection