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    We are wholesale candle & more company with our affordable luxury candles, providing high quality, delivering your products to your door with end to end flawless customer service.

    Wholesale Tea Lights

    Our tailormade with various styled tealight candles are customized to your needs with the best wholesale candle prices. We can design the candles according to your specs, sizes, candle colours, scented and label.

    Wholesale Jar Candles

    Our collection of jar candles with various style is a fine art and well used for any table setting, centerpiece, home decoration for any special occasion or for daily joy.

    Wholesale Tin Candles

    Tin candles are not only functional, they are also exceptionally suitable for promoting your brand, special day, boosting the feeling for night joys and they are very affordable. With our big collection for tin candles, you will find the right candle for your need, your budget, your desire.

    Wholesale Glass Candles

    Charm Lab Candle offers customized glass candles that are excellent options for decorative candle containers. Our candles are crafted in a variety of shapes and styles, some are made to convey elegance, while others can help you attain a more rustic look such as mason jar candle holders.

    Wholesale Mold Candles

    Our mold candle selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces are design for private occasion, places, and special days.